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Bryan Reagan is our Market Maintenance Manager.

He has been a committed member of the market team for almost a decade.  Bryan is one of the people that makes this market work everyday for our community.

His wife Krystal, age 40 died on Wednesday February 21, 2024 after a courageous battle with cancer.

Two years ago, Krystal was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. In November, test results revealed that the breast cancer had spread to her liver, pancreas and spine. Krystal fought hard, it was a terrible battle with an unyielding form of cancer. They have two sweet little boys, who have been in this fight too. Krystal’s liver became unable to flush out the fluids and she declined very rapidly.

We, as Bryans’ market. family want help to take away all the stress that finances add in a time of crisis, and beyond as the family adjusts to the loss of Krystal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  You can click the “Donate Now” button or you can leave a donation in the jars when you visit the market.

Thank you