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Whether you are new to the market this year or have been here for years, please make sure you read the following carefully and get back to us with any questions.

The FFM, LLC, expects vendors to recognize that the Market is the entity which enables their individual businesses to succeed.  Therefore, if the Market is to thrive, everyone who does business at the Market needs to follow the same practices. The following amended Rules and Regulations of the Flint Farmers’ Market represent an attempt to recognize, a) that unique business and personal differences exist within the market, b) that individual vendors deserve the right to maintain their integrity as private entrepreneurs, but, c) that the overall success of the Market demands that certain procedures be followed by all for the “good of the Market.”

Amendments  The management team reserves the right to amend these Rules and Regulations at any time.  Amendments will be made in writing and will become effective immediately.

Attendance  In the best interests of the Market, all vendors are expected to be at the Market on the days they have contracted from the time the market opens until closing.  If this expectation conflicts with the business requirements of individual vendors, management must be notified so that accommodations may be agreed upon.  Effective April 15, 2016 any vendor leaving more than 30 minutes prior to close or arriving more than 30 minutes past open will be fined $50 unless the absence is due to an unexpected emergency. Fines will be applied to the vendor’s account and be subject to the default clause of the vendor lease.  Non-payment may result in eviction.

Cleanliness At the end of each market day vendors are expected to clean their entire area.  Vegetable matter, papers and boxes must be removed.  Outside vendors must remove everything, including tents, tables/chairs, trash, etc.


Inside:  sweep behind the counter and clean the display tables.  Vacuum or brush tables if needed.

Outside:  clean the display tables and sweep under them.  Sweep your parking area.

All vendors are expected to break down their own cardboard and deposit it in the cardboard compactor.  Wooden and wire produce crates must be removed from the market by the vendor.  Deposit of these containers in the dumpsters is prohibited.

No grease may be poured into any drain, inside or outside.  Vendors using the market washtubs must clean the tubs after use.  Violation of these cleaning and disposal regulations will, after a verbal and/or written warning, result in a $50 fine.

Closing  All vendors, both inside and outside, must have cleaned their space and vacated the market no later than one hour after closing. This means 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday and 6 pm on Saturdays. 

Dispute Settlement In the event that a conflict should arise between management and a vendor or between TWO VENDORS which is unable to be amicably resolved within the boundaries of the contract, these Rules and Regulations, Vendor Concern and/or Violation Forms, or common practice, a vendor may challenge the decision of management by completing a Dispute of Ruling form.  This written document will go before a representative of the Management Team, a representative of the Vendors, and the President of the Flint Farmers’ Market, LLC.  This group will make a recommendation to the President of the Flint Farmers’ Market, LLC, after which his decision will be binding and final.

Emergencies and First Aid All vendors are required to have in their possession a basic first aid kit.  If an injury occurs that requires further care please call 911first and then notify the management office.

General Guidelines

Discourtesy to patrons or other vendors, obscene language, shouting or hawking of wares will not be tolerated.

If necessary a Vendor Concern or Transparency Violation Form should be filed.  It is expected, however, that these issues will be handled immediately in a mature fashion, and contained as much as possible so as not to disrupt the market experience for our customers.

Merchandise stored in the market building or on the premises is done at the risk of the vendor.

No physical alterations may be made to any space without approval of the Market manager.

Non-disparagement  Vendors and/or their agents and employees shall not disparage, demean or make negative comments about, in any form or fashion, other vendors or their products or spaces, market staff or the Market itself.  Conduct meant to harm someone’s reputation and/or business will not be tolerated. This includes all social media outlets.

Holidays  From time to time, a market day will fall on a holiday.  The decision to open or close will be made by management, with input from all vendors taken into consideration. This also includes market days that may fall on a day immediately preceding or following a major holiday.


Market Hours:

Tuesdays and Thursdays                     9:00 to 5:00

Saturdays                                            9:00 to 5:00

*Outdoor vendors may leave at 4 pm or if they are out of product earlier, provided notice is given to market management.

Gift Certificates  All market vendors are eligible to accept the official Flint Farmers’ Market $5 gift certificates.  All certificates are in $5 increments and no change is to be given.  Once you have redeemed them place your name on the back of the card and turn them in to the market office.  Checks will be written at the end of each month and distributed to all vendors who are CURRENT on their rent.  As of April 2017, a 2.5% charge will be deducted from gift certificate pay out each month to cover administrative costs.

Inclement Weather  If the City of Flint, County offices and U of M Flint are closed due to snow or ice, the market will be closed.  If the market is open, but conditions in your area are too dangerous for you to get here, simply notify market management.   Please watch for updates on the group text and/or FFM Market Vendor Facebook group page.

Insurance  Vendors are required to have signed the general market insurance waiver or to hold a current $500,000 liability policy.  It is the responsibility of the vendor to keep the market office copy up to date.

Late or No Shows  Vendors who are running late or not coming must notify a market manager.  Text one of the market managers if you know you are going to be late or unable to make it to the market. (Outside Vendors:  Your space will be forfeited if you have not called by 8:30 a.m.)

Licenses   All vendors are required to display the appropriate MDA, Health Department, and/or Sales Tax licenses, and to have the required insurance ($500,000 Liability).  Daily vendors are required to carry the same appropriate licenses.

Procedures for Closed Booth   No bed sheets may be used to cover vendor booths at the end of the day or on days when vendor booths must be closed.  Appropriate covering/protection of vendor booths is specified in the Design Criteria.  Please have your own sign accessible behind your counter in case you either sell out or are absent from the market so that a neighboring vendor, or market staff can place it on your counter.

Prices and Points of Origin – Transparency  All products must carry signage indicating their origin.  “Homegrown” means the seller grew the product.  “Michigan” means grown (not packaged) in Michigan.  Other points of product origin are acceptable, but signage must be truthful.  This specifically applies to PRODUCE, meat and poultry inside and outside.

The Flint Farmers’ Market understands that many growers also broker some products at some point during a season.  Our goal at the market is not to eliminate this practice, but to ensure that our customers understand which products are grown and which products are brokered.  Products not grown in Michigan must be clearly marked as to their point of origin. “Homegrown” means grown on the seller’s farm, not a neighbor’s or relative’s.  Michigan grown means Michigan grown.

Products   It is expected that, wherever possible, vendors will grow or make the products they sell, and that during the Michigan growing season, products will be Michigan grown.

Before coming onto the Flint Farmers’ Market, vendors must submit a Proposed Product List of every item they intend to sell, whether the item is grown or brokered.   Sale of item(s) not listed on their Approved Product List, at any time during the season, is prohibited.  Vendors must submit a request to add an item that is out of the scope of their original approved product list.  Effective immediately a Vendor Product Advisory Board will handle any vendor to vendor disputes on product duplication.

We reserve the right to encourage brokering vendors to provide alternative products if we have an excess of the product on the market brought by growers.  (i.e. no brokering blueberries in August during peak blueberry season)

SNAP (Bridge Card), Double Up Food Bucks, WIC, Project FRESH

Project Fresh, Senior Project Fresh, and Head Start Coupons may be accepted by eligible vendors.  They are turned in to the market office and redeemed periodically.  Vendors wishing to accept Bridge Cards must have their own ACS machines and pay a phone line usage fee.  Most vendors accepting credit or debit use Square or a similar smart phone app.  Double Up Food Bucks are accepted at the Flint market; customers must obtain a DUFB rewards card and vendors lease a wireless machine to process the cards.  Bridge Card receipts are deposited directly into the vendor’s bank account.  DUFB receipts are redeemed from the market office every two weeks.  The Flint market does not accept DUFB tokens.


Your sign must be tasteful and removable and CANNOT obstruct the view of your neighbor’s spaces.  Preferably signs will be PARALLEL to the aisles not perpendicular to them.  Sign Review Committee will be periodically checking vendor spaces for obstructions.

Storage  Cold and Dry Storage may be available for vendors.  Rates will be based on the type of storage required for individual product needs.  All storage is made available through the Flint Food Works and on a first come first served basis.  Space is limited.

Parking and Driveway Usage  Pavilion vendors may park within the designated space behind their display tables/stalls if they choose.  There will be no parking of any vehicles in any driveway outside the allotted area behind each stall, unless permission is granted by the market manager.  Vendor or employee vehicles, which exceed the limits of this space, must be parked in a designated adjacent lot.  Remember, if you allow your employees to park close to the market it makes it more difficult for your customers to get to your stall.

On Crim Race day and other downtown special event days, non-customers will NOT be allowed to park in the market lot.

Illegal Substances   There is a ZERO tolerance for illegal drugs on this property.  Do not come to the market under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Do not keep drugs or alcohol on your person or in your vendor space or vehicle.  Do not receive or distribute illegal substances ON THIS PROPERTY.  If you are found to be doing any of these things you will immediately be asked to leave the market and risk losing your business space here at the market.

Event/Market Rentals – Please be courteous to event staff and guests at the event.  Remember you are representing the entire market.  When guests ask you questions or need assistance entering the building please kindly direct them in the right direction or to a security or event staff person.  When the market is rented after hours the lights will be TURNED OFF one hour after the market closes.  We do offer a 50% vendor discount on rentals but it MUST be either an event for a vendor or must be organized by the vendor.


All vendors are required to return a product list (if changes have been made), signed contract, liability insurance or signed waiver, and the appropriate licenses, before April 15, 2017.

The holder of an inside contract will be expected to pay every month.  Invoices will be distributed the first of every month.  Payment is due on the FIRST of the month PER YOUR CONTRACT for that month.  $20 LATE FEE will be applied after the 5th.   Please make arrangements to get your payment to a member of the market staff, don’t rely on someone to remind you the payment is due.  A late fee will be assessed on the 6th of the month.

A stall inside the market building will vary in size depending upon the requirements of each individual vendor.  Assignment of stalls will be at the discretion of management based on diversity of products and the best interests of the Market.  In order to request an open space or a move to a new space, a vendor or potential vendor must make a formal request to market management.

PLEASE NOTE:  Vendors may only set up in their contracted area unless they have permission of the manager to do otherwise.  No vendor may set up or expand into any aisles.


All vendors are required to return a product list, signed contract, liability insurance or signed waiver, and the appropriate licenses, before their first day at the market.

The Summer Season opens May 1 and ends October 29.  The holder of an outside contract will be expected to pay rent according to the terms of his/her contract.  Invoices distributed the first of every month.  Payment is due on the 5th of the month for that month.  Late fees will be applied.

Daily simply means you are renting on a day-by-day basis.  You must reserve your spot in advance, and payment must be received at the start of the business day.

Sidewalk Stalls are stalls set up along the front entrances of the market.  You must bring your own tent/table/chairs/etc.

Pavilion stall tables are under the covered pavilion. This space may be used at the vendor’s discretion for parking and/or displaying products for sale.  Vendors with vehicles larger than the allotted 24 foot limit will need to make special arrangements with management.

Assignment of stalls will be at the discretion of management based on diversity of products, seniority, and the best interests of the Market.  In order to request an open space or a move to a new space, a vendor or potential vendor must make a formal request to market management.

PLEASE NOTE:  Vendors may only set up in their contracted area unless they have permission of the manager to do otherwise.  No vendor may set up or expand into any aisles.

Electricity, phone line and limited water are available.


May 1 to October 31    |    $45/Saturday     |   $25/Tuesday or Thursday

November 1 to April 30   |   $35/Saturday   |   $20/Tuesday or Thursday

May 1 to October 31      |    $200 Monthly all three days

$180 Monthly 2 days (Sat and Tues or Thurs)

$150 Monthly Saturday only

$160 Monthly Tues AND Thurs only

$90 Monthly Tuesday OR Thursday only


We’re Here All Year!

We’d love to hear from you! Stop on by the Flint Farmers’ Market.

Tuesdays & Thursdays – 9am to 5pm
Saturdays – 9am to 5pm

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